My Life in Books (2017 Edition)

I came across this on the wonderful Roof Beam Reader’s blog and thought it looked like fun.  Do take a look at his version.

The rules are simple: answer the questions with books you read this year! If you decide to play along, add a link to your post in the comments box on Roof Beam Reader’s post and the comments box on this post so I can take a look at yours.

Here are my answers (click on the title to read my review).

In high school I was: Exquisite (Sarah Stovell)

People might be surprised (by): The Existence of Pity (Jeannie Zokan)

I will never be: The Former Chief Executive (Kate Vane)

My fantasy job is: Under A Tuscan Sky (Karen Aldous)

At the end of a long day I need: Shelter (Sarah Franklin)

I hate it (when): When It’s Over (Barbara Ridley)

Wish I had: Days Without End (Sebastian Barry)

My family reunions are: Stranger (David Bergen)

At a party you’d find me with: Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves (Rachel Malik)

I’ve never been to: Birdcage Walk (Helen Dunmore)

A happy day includes: Letting Go (Maria Thompson Corley)

Motto I live by: Take Courage (Samantha Ellis)

On my bucket list is: Flight Before Dawn (Megan Easley-Walsh)

In my next life, I want to have: The Summer of Impossible Things (Rowan Coleman)


Blog Talk: What Does Your Book Blog Say About You?


If it’s possible to judge a book by its cover, why not a blogger by their blog?

Look at the statements below and choose the FOUR that you think most closely describe your blog.   Each statement is numbered. Match the numbers to the words in the table at the bottom of this post to find out what your blog says about you….

  1. Your blog includes a blog roll or list of other book blogs you admire
  2. You frequently take part in tags, blog hops or feature ‘who’s that blogger’ type posts
  3. Your blog has been going for more than a year
  4. You display your stats – views, followers, etc – prominently on your blog
  5. Your most frequent posts are discussion pieces
  6. Your blog features lots of custom-made graphics
  7. Your blog has an archive, lists of reviews by category/genre/author, reading list pages or challenge pages
  8. On your blog you feature books from a number of different genres
  9. Your blog focuses on one main book genre
  10. Your blog is linked to at least four of the following social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest
  11. You frequently feature books with some of the following characteristics: LGBT; gender diversity; people with disabilities; characters from ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities; banned books; literature in translation
  12. Your blog has used several different design themes
  13. You post at least five times per week
  14. You post less than five times per week
  15. Book reviews on your blog are most likely to be for ARCs or recently published books
  16. You often feature author interviews/Q&As



Why not share in four words what your blog says about you in a comment below.