My Week in Books – 18th August ‘19


New arrivals

The Girl at the WindowThe Girl at the Window by Rowan Coleman (ebook)

She grew up in a house full of history. It was bound to have secrets…

Ponden Hall is a centuries-old house on the Yorkshire moors, a magical place full of stories. It’s also where Trudy Heaton grew up. And where she ran away from…

Now, after the devastating loss of her husband, she is returning to Ponden, a widow with a young son, Will, who refuses to believe his father is dead.  But going home isn’t always easy. Trudy must attempt to build bridges with her eccentric mother while coming to terms with the loss of the love her life and trying to do her best for her grieving son.

And then there is the Hall itself: fallen into disrepair but still rich in history and legend, a familiar haunt of the Brontë sisters, and the location for the most famous scene from Wuthering Heights… Generations of lives and loves still echo in its shadows, sometimes even reaching out to the present…

Eight Hours From EnglandEight Hours From England by Anthony Quayle (paperback, advance review copy)

Autumn 1943. Realising that his feelings for his sweetheart are not reciprocated, Major John Overton accepts a posting behind enemy lines in Nazi-Occupied Albania. Arriving to find the situation in disarray, he attempts to overcome geographical challenges and political intrigues to set up a new camp in the mountains overlooking the Adriatic.

As he struggles to complete his mission amidst a chaotic backdrop, Overton is left to ruminate on loyalty, comradeship and his own future.

Based on Anthony Quayle’s own wartime experience with the Special Operations Executive (SOE), this new edition of a 1945 classic includes a contextual introduction from the Imperial War Museum which sheds new light on the fascinating true events that inspired its author.

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Tuesday –  I shared my review of Untitled: The Real Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anna Pasternak.

WednesdayWWW Wednesday is the opportunity to share what I’ve just read, what I’m currently reading and what I plan to read next…and have a good nose around to see what other bloggers are reading.

Thursday – I joined the blog tour for The Beach at Doonshean by Penny Feeny.

Friday – I shared some Tales From My TBR Pile.

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  • Book Review: The Tides Between by Elizabeth Jane Corbett
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  • Blog Tour/Book Review: Ike and Kay by James MacManus
  • Blog Tour/Book Review: The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan by Cynthia Jefferies

Tales From My TBR Pile


Today I’m directing the spotlight on a particular section of my To Be Read Pile – review copies I’ve received from authors.

I’m currently closed to review requests but before I pulled up the drawbridge (so to speak) I’d already amassed quite a few books sent to me for review by authors. I’ll confess I’ve not made as much progress as I would have liked in reducing my author review pile and some of the books have been languishing there for quite some time.

Therefore, in highlighting a few of the books in my author review pile, I’m hoping to assuage my guilt at how long they’ve been there, reassure their lovely authors that I haven’t forgotten my promise to read and review them, and perhaps tempt other readers into adding them to their own TBR piles.

The Tide Between UsThe Tide Between Us by Olive Collins

1821: After the landlord of Lugdale Estate in Kerry is assassinated, young Art O’Neill’s innocent father is hanged and Art is deported to the cane fields of Jamaica as an indentured servant. On Mangrove Plantation he gradually acclimatises to the exotic country and unfamiliar customs of the African slaves, and achieves a kind of contentment. Then the new heirs to the plantation arrive. His new owner is Colonel Stratford-Rice from Lugdale Estate, the man who hanged his father. Art must overcome his hatred to survive the harsh life of a slave and live to see the eventual emancipation which liberates his coloured children. Eventually he is promised seven gold coins when he finishes his service, but he doubts his master will part with the coins.

One hundred years later in Ireland, a skeleton is discovered beneath a fallen tree on the grounds of Lugdale Estate. By its side is a gold coin minted in 1870. Yseult, the owner of the estate, watches as events unfold, fearful of the long-buried truths that may emerge about her family’s past and its links to the slave trade. As the body gives up its secrets, Yseult realises she too can no longer hide.

Magician and FoolMagician and Fool by Susan Wands

Pamela Colman Smith begins her career as an artist at the end of the Victorian Age at the Lyceum Theatre, where she grows from innocent empath to seer and channeller; creating her now world-famous deck of tarot cards.

Introduced to The Golden Dawn cult by Bram Stoker, the second in command at the Lyceum Theatre, she is commissioned to create a tarot deck for the members to use in their quest for magic. Golden Dawn’s most evil member, Aleister Crowley, becomes obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the Tarot. His obsession peaks when he sees the power of her deck and realizes he can create a rival deck, leading him to manifest magical power to harm Pamela’s incarnates of her cards.

Cold, Cold HeartCold, Cold Heart (Katie Flanagan #2) by Christine Poulson

After the events of Deep Water, scientist Katie Flanagan has gained an undeserved reputation as a troublemaker. Her research career has foundered. When an accident creates an opening at an Antarctic station, she seizes the opportunity, flying in on the last plane before winter and the months of darkness close off all escape routes. Unfortunately for Katie, a revenge-seeking killer is at large at the station.

Meanwhile patent lawyer Daniel Marchmont has been asked by a venture capitalist to conduct background research into a company involved in Antarctic experiments. His investigations threaten to uncover scientific fraud and expose powerful individuals, some of them at the Antarctic station. Hitting too close to the truth, Daniel’s sleuthing puts Katie in fresh danger.

Then the power at the research station fails. Will the killer help save them all . . . or kill them one by one?