An Edwardian Christmas by John S. Goodall

Edwardian ChristmasToday I’m featuring a treasured possession that comes out every Christmas in our house. An Edwardian Christmas by John S. Goodall contains wonderfully detailed scenes of a nostalgic Christmas from times past.

If you’re lucky you may be able to find a copy in a second-hand bookshop or buy a used version online. 

Below are some of my favourite scenes in the book. 

Edwardian Christmas Market Hmm, a bit different from battling with your trolley around the supermarket or clicking on items to fill a virtual basket.

Edwardian Christmas Church

The candles are lit in the vestry and the choir is warming up so it’s time to hurry through the snow to the local church for Midnight Mass. But don’t worry, Nanny made sure we’re well wrapped in scarves and gloves.

Edwardian Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a childhood memory for a lot of us but how many recall needing a step-ladder to do it? The maid is thinking, I’m going to have to clear up all those needles after Christmas…

Edwardian Christmas Kitchen

This kitchen looks positively calm which I don’t think is representative of many of us who take on the responsibility of cooking Christmas dinner. Mind you, we probably don’t have this many helpers! I do hope Cook is taking that turkey out of the oven rather than putting it in otherwise there could be a long wait for lunch…

Edwardian Christmas Home Entertainment

No slumping in front of the TV to watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special or a decades old blockbuster but civilized entertainment for all the family around the pianoforte.

Edwardian Christmas Buffet

Would you mind awfully passing me another slice of smoked salmon… I don’t know about you but my Boxing Day buffet never looks like this. Where are the turkey sandwiches, the tin of Quality Street and the tub of Twiglets?  (Sorry, I’m showing my age. I meant the hummus, smashed avocado and sourdough bread.)

Edwardian Christmas Costume Party

Fancy dress party, anyone? No, costume ball please – much more glamorous but no less entertaining from the look on their faces.

Edwardian Christmas Sale

Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday, rather a visit to the local department store to view the merchandise and bag a bargain.

Edwardian Christmas Pantomime

No reality TV stars or near-the-knuckle jokes but a good old-fashioned pantomime with nobody recording it on their mobile phone.

Merry Christmas from What Cathy Read Next!

The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2022: Some Longlist Contenders?

WalterScottPrizeThe deadline for publishers to submit books published in 2021 for The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2022 is 23rd December 2021. The prize is open to novels written in English and published in 2021 in the UK, Ireland or the Commonwealth. Reflecting the subtitle ‘Sixty Years Since’ of Scott’s famous novel, Waverley, the majority of the storyline must take place at least 60 years ago.

Like other historical fiction fans, I shall be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the longlist in February 2022 and the shortlist the following month. As in previous years, I’ll try to read as many as possible of the longlisted novels that I haven’t read already and all those that make it on to the shortlist.

There have been some fantastic historical fiction novels published in 2021. Below are some I’ve read that I think might make the longlist, some books in my TBR pile which, judging from reviews, may well deserve a place, and a few others I don’t yet have copies of but which look like possible contenders for inclusion (subject in each case to them meeting all the eligibility criteria). Links from the titles will take you to my review or the book description on Goodreads.

Check back when the longlist is announced to see if any of my picks match the judges’ choices.

Books I read in 2021 

Books in my TBR pile

Books on my RADAR

Are any of your favourites on my list?  What other historical fiction novels published in 2021 do you think deserve to be on the longlist?