Review & rating policy

My Review Policy

I am not currently accepting review requests direct from authors other than those I’ve worked with previously, i.e. I’ve accepted one of your books for review, I’ve reviewed one of your books, I’ve participated in a blog tour for your book or I’ve featured your book on my blog by way of a Q&A, guest post or extract. 

My preferred

My favourite genres

Historical fiction, especially historical crime/mystery

Literary/contemporary fiction

Genres I read occasionally

Crime/mystery/thriller (but nothing too gory or violent)

Short story collections

Non-fiction – history,  biography or memoir

Genres I do not read
YA                                    Erotica                     Children’s
Humour                          Horror                     Self-help
Fantasy/paranormal    Poetry

I pride myself on writing detailed reviews that are thoughtful, honest and constructive as I respect the effort that goes into writing a book.  I don’t include ratings in my reviews but on my What Cathy Read pages you can find the ratings I gave each book on Goodreads and Amazon. I share my reviews on Facebook and  Twitter.  I am a NetGalley reviewer with an 80%+ feedback ratio.

I have a low tolerance for books that have poor punctuation and grammar or have not been properly edited or proofread.  It will result in a low rating and it’s unlikely I will publish a review or even finish  your book.  


I do not charge for reviews. Where I have received a free copy of a book from an author or publisher, this will be stated in my review. Regardless of whether I have purchased a book myself or received a free copy, my review will be my honest and unbiased opinion. I include links where books can be purchased for convenience, not as part of any affiliate programme.

To connect with me, visit my Contact page.

My current author review pile:

  1. Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical by James Wallace Birch
  2. Artist, Soldier, Lover, Muse by Arthur D. Hittner
  3. The Incendium Plot (Christopher Radcliff #1) by Andrew Swanston
  4. Connectedness by Sandra Danby
  5. Sheriff and Priest by Nicky Moxey
  6. The Italian Couple by J. R. Rogers
  7. The Bridled Tongue by Catherine Meyrick
  8. The Senator’s Darkest Days by Joan E. Histon
  9. China Blue (Dudley Sisters Saga #3) by Madalyn Morgan
  10. Chasing Ghosts (Dudley Sisters Saga #6) by Madalyn Morgan
  11. The Convalescent Corpse by Nicola Slade

Please note: This is not all the books on my To-Be-Read pile, just those received direct from authors.  I have lots of other books waiting to be read! I read books from my author review pile in strict order of receipt unless specifically agreed otherwise.

My rating system

5 out of 5            Absolutely loved it: great writing, plot & characterisation

4 out of 5            A high quality example of its genre

3 out of 5            An enjoyable, entertaining or interesting read

2 out of 5            Below par or not my thing (review will not be published on my blog)

1 out of 5            A very poorly written book (review will not be published on my blog)