In 2022… My Life in Books

My Life in Books 2022There are a few versions of this circulating on social media but I thought I’d stick with the one I did last year on Shelleyrae’s Book’d Out blog. Links from the titles will take you to my review.

If you want to join in, just complete the prompts using titles from books you read in 2022. Be sure to include a link back to Book’d Out in your blog post, add a link to your post in the comments on Shellyrae’s original post and tag anyone else you care to on Twitter.

2022 was the year of: Tasting Sunlight 

In 2022 I wanted to be: Best of Friends 

In 2022 I was: The Companion 

In 2022 I gained: Twenty-Eight Pounds Ten Shillings 

In 2022 I lost: Nothing Else 

In 2022 I loved: Storytellers 

In 2022 I hated: The Night Shift 

In 2022 I learned: The Healing Power of Nature

In 2022 I was surprised by: These Days

In 2022 I went to: The Reading Party 

In 2022 I missed out on: Katastrophe 

In 2022 my family were: Portable Magic

In 2023 I hope (for): Every Shade of Happy


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