#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week – 30th July 2022

Garden AllotmentSix on Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by The Propagator. If you’d like to join in you can find more details here. If you can find the time, do check out the posts by other participants.

Although I feel it would be more representative of the state of my garden to just post pictures of parched earth, here are this week’s six:

  1. Coreopsis ‘Double the Sun’ is one of the few flowering plants flourishing despite the drought.
  2. Leucanthemum ‘Madonna’ is also doing well.
  3. The courgettes are continuing to contribute the majority of garden produce. The variety is ‘Lemona’.

4. The tomatoes are starting to ripen. The variety is ‘Chocolate Cherry’.
5. There’s a heavy of crop of damsons this year.
6. And it looks as if there will be plenty of Bramley apples as well.

Enjoy your garden or outside space this week.


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