#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week – 28th May @cavershamjj

Garden AllotmentSix on Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by The Propagator. If you’d like to join in you can find more details here. If you can find the time, do check out the posts by other participants.

Being able to use No Mow May as an excuse for not mowing the lawn will soon be a thing of the past. Not many wildflowers in evidence, unless you count thistles, just long grass. However, let’s turn to more positive things…

  1. The ‘Chocolate Cherry’ tomatoes have survived the odd cold night in our unheated greenhouse and there are flowers developing on a couple of the plants.
  2. The first signs of flowers on the ‘Cobra’ climbing French beans as well.
  3. The pigeons have been wreaking havoc on the cherry tree and steadfastly refusing to fly off even when I’m right underneath them shouting expletives. I’m fighting back by placing mesh sleeves over some of the branches which have fruits developing. Pigeons, I will get some cherries this year!

4. What I at first thought were bindweed flowers poking through a rhododendron turned out to be this white rose. No idea what it is as it was already in the garden when we bought the house. We specialise in unknown rose varieties in this garden.
5. Golden marjoram is taking over one corner of what is planned to be a bed dedicated to herbs and Mediterranean plants. A purple sage is taking over the opposite corner. Nettles and other weeds are taking over the rest at the moment.
6. A hosta (I’ve forgotten which variety) whose leaves have been a bit nibbled but has managed to produce a couple of flower stalks.

Enjoy your garden or outside space this week.

8 thoughts on “#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week – 28th May @cavershamjj

  1. I genuinely laughed out loud at the visual of you shouting expletives at the pigeons 😄. I completely understand it though. I have never had a strawberry or a grape from my own garden because they always beat us to it.

    Loving all the unknown roses. Must be such fun to discover all these flowers and plants you didn’t even know where there.


    1. My husband laughed at me trying to chase the pigeons away as well. Originally they flew off at a loud knock on the window but now they just sit there munching as if to say, what are you going to do about it?

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