#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week – 21st May @cavershamjj

Garden AllotmentSix on Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by The Propagator. If you’d like to join in you can find more details here.

Thanks goodness the April showers turned up even if we had to wait until May for them.

  1. The Rocket potatoes in their Marshalls Gro-Sacks are loving the recent rain. The first two of the six containers were planted at the beginning of April.
  2. They may still be small and only recently planted out in raised beds but the courgettes already have flowers.
  3. The bees are loving the flowers on the thyme.

4. An unknown variety of rose (our neighbour refers to it as ‘Sheila’s rose’ after the wife of the previous owner of our house) covered in flowers and with the most delightful scent.
5. A delicately coloured rhododendron. Unfortunately I missed taking a photo of a deep crimson one further down the garden that has now finished flowering.
6. An acquilegia which has made itself at home in a crack in the concrete next to one of our compost bins.

Enjoy your garden or outside space this week.

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