#TopTenTuesday Books I Was Excited To Get But Haven’t Read Yet

Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s topic is Books I Was Excited To Get But Haven’t Read Yet. We’re also invited to share how long since we acquired them – if we dare! Links from the titles will take you to the book description on Goodreads.

The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel – Having loved the previous two books, I pre-ordered this final book in the trilogy back in January 2016 and still haven’t read it. It’s a whopper is my excuse.  I also have the audiobook version which is 36 hours long!
Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee – Since To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourite books, I was thrilled when I spotted a copy of this in my local Oxfam bookshop. It’s been waiting patiently on my bookshelf since April 2016.  
Pompeii by Robert Harris – I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Robert Harris and I’m pretty sure this was another charity bookshop find… from August 2017.
Transcription by Kate Atkinson – Like a lot of other people, I loved Life After Life and started looking out for more books by the author, hence my acquisition of this one.  The period setting – WW2 and its aftermath – should have had me grabbing this as soon as it arrived in the house in January 2018 but…
Tombland by C. J. Sansom – I’ve read all the previous books in the series and was really excited to get this (in May 2018) but as it’s an audiobook it’s rather slipped under the radar. Out of sight, out of mind? 
The Binding by Bridget Collins – How can a book about books and with such a beautiful cover go ignored for so long? (Since January 2019, to be precise.) It beats me. 
The Hiding Game by Naomi Wood – I always try to read books nominated for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction and this was on the longlist for the 2020 prize. Hmm, it needs to come out of hiding.
The Night Raids by Jim Kelly – This is the third book in a great historical crime series. I’ve been meaning to read it since I bought it in January 2020.  I’ve included it in my list for the 20 Books of Summer 2022 Reading Challenge so fingers crossed!
Hammer to Fall by John Lawton – I won this in a Readers First giveaway in March 2020 but at the time I hadn’t read the previous book in the series, The Unfortunate Englishman. I was planning to pick it up once I’d read that (which I did as part of last year’s 20 Books of Summer reading challenge).
Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce – As a fan of Rachel’s books this should have been irresistible from the moment I purchased it in June 2020 but sadly two years on it’s still waiting. 


11 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday Books I Was Excited To Get But Haven’t Read Yet

  1. The Mirror & the Light, Tombland and Transcription have all been on my TBR since they were published too. I’ve no idea why I haven’t read them yet as I’ve loved other books by those authors!

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  2. I read Watchmen close to its initial publication. It was good but it had a huge hill to climb to be as meaningful to me as To Kill A Mockingbird has been.


  3. TKAM is my favorite book of all time, so I HAD to read GO SET A WATCHMAN. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it outright. It’s an interesting read, especially when considered side-by-side with TKAM. It shows Scout’s growth from a child into an adult. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts when you do read it.

    Happy TTT!



  4. Well, I can highly, and warmly recommend Miss Benson’s Beetle (but I think you know I’m a Rachel Joyce addict). As for Go Set a Watchman… it is one of the few books I read as an audio book. Reece Witherspoon was the narrator. I enjoyed it very much (but I don’t think I ever reviewed it on my blog).


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