#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week @cavershamjj

Six on Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by The Propagator. If you’d like to join in you can find more details here.

Here are six things that have given me pleasure or had me looking forward to brighter days in the garden this week.

Six on Saturday1) In a rather – or let’s be honest, very – neglected area of the garden, I’m attempting to rescue a blackcurrant bush that has become overwhelmed by rampaging ivy. I cut back some of the branches that were overhanging the path and have started to remove the ivy. I had noisy company from a robin while I was doing it. I think I was a little too close to his favourite perching point on the hazel tree.

Six on Saturday2)  [Left] I found a few terracotta pots while clearing out the garage so have planted them up with some different varieties of mint – garden mint, apple mint and black peppermint.

Six on Saturday3) [Right] This lovely clump of daffodils was planted by a previous owner of the house under one of the apple trees in the garden

4) [Below] The ornamental quince is adding a wonderful pop of colour.

5) [Above] I planted a first batch of ‘Rocket’ potatoes in gro-sacks. Four more to follow as the risk of frost reduces.

6) Two more items from my collection of second hand gardening books. I’m still not entirely convinced there is such a thing as ‘simple pruning’…

Six on Saturday Gardening Books

Enjoy your garden, park or outside space this week.

8 thoughts on “#SixonSaturday My Gardening Week @cavershamjj

  1. Love your flowering quince and good luck with the potato grow bags, and the naughty ivy! ❤


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