Bookbloggers 2021 Fiction Reading Challenge #BB2021FRC @fictionophile

fictionophile-2021-reading-challengeI came across this reading challenge on Lynne’s Fictionophile blog earlier this year and it occurred to me I should take another look to see how many of the categories I still have to match. It turns out the answer is one, for which I need your help!

A man/boy’s name – Nick by Michael Farris Smith

The name of an animal – The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper

The name of a season – The Dead of Winter by S. J. Parris

The word secret or secrets – A Book of Secrets by Kate Morrison

A number – One Last Time by Helga Flatland

Time – A Hundred Million Years and a Day by Jean-Baptiste Andrea

A body of water – A Long Petal of the Sea by Isobel Allende

The name of a bird – Suggest one, please!

If you’re taking part in this or any other reading challenges, how are you getting on? And thanks to Lynne for coming up with yet another challenge I couldn’t resist taking part in!

10 thoughts on “Bookbloggers 2021 Fiction Reading Challenge #BB2021FRC @fictionophile

  1. Thanks for participating in the challenge Cathy. Some suggestions for ‘bird’ titles (depending on what genre you feel like reading): “The House at Magpie Cove”, “The Skylark’s Secret”, “Magpie Lane”, “The Peacock Summer”, “The Blackbird Season”, “Magpie Murders”, “A Siege of Bitterns”, “Raven Sisters”, “A Murder of Crows”, “Mourning Dove”.


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