#PublicationDay #Spotlight Why Are You Here? by Radhika Iyer @CastlesPress

I’m delighted to be marking publication day of Why Are You Here? by Radhika Iyer. The book, a collection of short stories, is the first publication by new venture, Castles in the Air Press. As joint founders Órla & Clare explain, Castles in the Air Press is an ebook publisher dedicated to finding and supporting unique and diverse Irish authors. You can follow them on Twitter or Instagram at @castlespress or visit their website (where you can also find out how they came up with the name Castles in the Air).

Castles in the Air Press is currently open for unsolicited submissions of quality fiction for adults and young adults, especially from first-time authors.

Why Are You Here?About the Book

Radhika Iyer’s debut collection, Why Are You Here? contains twelve explosive short stories presenting twelve provoking female narratives. Iyer’s unique style is quirky yet powerful, as she illustrates a sense of otherness, as an immigrant and as a woman of colour.

Iyer explores the struggle of being a woman in different cultures, as the stories take us from the harrowing results of a family scandal in Malaysia, to an internal cultural identity struggle in Dubai, to an abusive marriage amplified by the lockdown in Ireland.

This collection is ultimately about the female experience, and being different culturally, and in terms of shape and size. The women of these stories face their internal and external battles, and as we follow their journeys, we come face to face with the struggle and the strength of women.

Format: ebook                                Publisher: Castles in the Air Press
Publication date: 1st August 2021 Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories

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Radhika IyerAbout the Author

Radhika Iyer was born in Malaysia to migrant Indian parents. Her stories mainly explore themes of identity struggle, acceptance, and domestic violence.

In 2020, an excerpt of Radhika’s journal piece was aired on RTE Radio 1’s Arena show, an excerpt of an article she wrote about working and living in Ireland was featured in the Irish Times, and a reflective piece was featured as part of the Keywords Podcast 5: Common Ground on RTE Radio1Extra and went on to be nominated for Best Short Feature in the 2020 IMRO Radio Awards. The short story, Why are you Here? was on the Cranked Anvil shortlist in late 2020.

Radhika currently lives in and is trying to fit into Dundalk, Ireland. (Bio/photo credit: Publisher author page)

Connect with Radhika
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