My Classics Club List Is Completed! @ourclassicsclub #ccspin

The Classics ClubThe Classics Club was founded in March 2012 with the aim of encouraging more people to blog about classic literature.  Members are invited to create a list of at least 50 classic titles they intend to read and blog about within a maximum of five years.  With characteristic over-enthusiasm, when I first enrolled in the challenge in January 2017, I set out to read the 50 classics on my list by 31st December 2018.   I soon recognised that was way too ambitious and revised it to 31st December 2021.

In putting together my list, my personal definition of “classic” was a book published more than 40 years ago, i.e. anything published before 1976. I also decided to concentrate on two categories: women writers and the works of John Buchan, one of my favourite authors.

I’m pleased to say, having just read the final two books on my list as part of the latest Classics Club Spin event, I’ve completed the challenge with a little under five months to spare. As well as reading some wonderful books I might not have otherwise read, I now qualify for a place on The Classics Club Wall of Honour! You can view the list of books I read with links to my reviews here.

And before you ask, since I’m already signed up to quite a few other reading challenges, I don’t intend to attempt another fifty classics. What I will do is continue to follow The Classics Club blog as well as read and share the reviews of other Classics Club members.


9 thoughts on “My Classics Club List Is Completed! @ourclassicsclub #ccspin

  1. Nice list – I think there’s a big barrier when it comes to classics – people are too afraid to read them because of the stigma attached to them: they’re too intellectual, complicated, confusing etc.. Perhaps part of reading classics is to allow yourself to become stupid – at least that helps me when I don’t have a clue what is going on!


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