My Five Favourite March 2021 Reads


I read seventeen books in March. Yes, it was a surprise to me as well but what else is there to do at the moment? This was one of those months when I read so many great books it was tough to whittle down my list to only five. Although that’s a nice problem to have, right? Links from each title will take you to my review. You can find a list of all the books I’ve read so far in 2021 here.  If we’re not already friends on Goodreads, send me a friend request or follow my reviews.

Where Stands A Winged Sentry by Margaret Kennedy
The Consequences of Fear (Maisie Dobbs #16) by Jacqueline Winspear
The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger by Suzanne Fortin
The Rose Code by Kate Quinn
A Book of Secrets by Kate Morrison

What books were amongst your favourites in March? Have you read any of my picks?

12 thoughts on “My Five Favourite March 2021 Reads

    1. Cathy’s right… once you start reading it, it won’t feel so long. I’ve read shorter books that felt MUCH longer than this one. In fact, Rose Code is what, 650+pages. The book I’m reading now is like, 480 pages, and I’m truly struggling with it, where with Quinn’s book it just flew by! That’s why The Rose Code is already one of my favorites of 2021, and the book I’m reading now… if I finish it… will have to work hard to get more than 3 stars from me! In fact, if it doesn’t pick up soon, I might just not finish reading it altogether.

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      1. You’ve summed up my thoughts exactly about The Rose Code. I was daunted initially when I saw how many pages. Of course reading it after yesterday’s news about Prince Phillip also gives it an additional, albeit rather sad, relevance. Sorry to hear about your current read. Fingers crossed it does pick up.

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      2. I’m probably going to have to DNF it, and I was SO looking forward to it, and the prologue was such a great teaser… but then… it started to fall very, very flat.


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