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Monday – I published my review of The Forgers by Bradford Morrow .

Tuesday – This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was Books That Would Make Great Song Titles

Wednesday – Hooray for WWW Wednesday, the opportunity to share what I’ve just read, what I’m currently reading and what I plan to read next…as well as have a good nose around to see what other bloggers are reading.

Thursday – I shared my publication day review of How To Belong by Sarah Franklin.

Friday – I published my review of The Stasi Game (Karin Müller #6) by David Young, the final book (he says) in his ‘Stasi’ historical crime series.

Saturday – I introduced my Buchan of the Month for November, The King’s Grace by John Buchan. I also suggested some Book Pairings for week 2 of NonFiction November.

 As always, thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on or so shared my blog posts on social media.

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CesareCesare: A Novel of War-Torn Berlin by Jerome Charyn (eARC, No Exit Press via NetGalley) 

On a windy night in 1937, a seventeen-year-old German naval sub-cadet is wandering along the seawall when he stumbles upon a gang of ruffians beating up a tramp, whose life he saves. The man is none other than spymaster Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the Abwehr, German military intelligence. Canaris adopts the young man and dubs him ‘Cesare’ after the character in the silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari for his ability to break through any barrier as he eliminates the Abwehr’s enemies.

Canaris is a man of contradictions who, while serving the regime, seeks to undermine the Nazis and helps Cesare hide Berlin’s Jews from the Gestapo. But the Nazis will lure many to Theresienstadt, a phony paradise in Czechoslovakia with sham restaurants, novelty shops, and bakeries, a cruel ghetto and way station to Auschwitz. When the woman Cesare loves, a member of the Jewish underground, is captured and sent there, Cesare must find a way to rescue her.

41XYua8Dx6L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_The Northern Reach by W. S. Winslow (eARC, Flatiron via NetGalley)

Frozen in grief after the loss of her son at sea, Edith Baines stares across the water at a schooner, under full sail yet motionless in the winter wind and surging tide of the Northern Reach. Edith seems to be hallucinating. Or is she? Edith’s boat-watch opens The Northern Reach, set in the coastal town of Wellbridge, Maine, where townspeople squeeze a living from the perilous bay or scrape by on the largesse of the summer folk and whatever they can cobble together, salvage, or grab.

At the centre of town life is the Baines family, land-rich, cash-poor descendants of town founders, along with the ne’er-do-well Moody clan, the Martins of Skunk Pond, and the dirt farming, bootlegging Edgecombs. Over the course of the twentieth century, the families intersect, interact, and intermarry, grappling with secrets and prejudices that span generations, opening new wounds and reckoning with old ghosts.

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