My 2020 Reading Challenges: Progress Update

Time for another look at how I’m progressing with my 2020 Reading Challenges…

Ongoing Challenges

What’s In A Name? 2020

This challenge is hosted by Andrea at Carolina Book Nook and involves reading books with titles that match each of six categories. I’ve only managed three of the six so far. If I’m to complete it, I have a few chunky books to get through. The Mirror & the Light, I’m looking at you… Or I need some authors to write a slim volume with either an & or an antonym in the title.

The Classics ClubThe Classics Club

Create a list of 50 classic books you would like to read within five years and work your way through them (with the help of the occasional Classics Club Spin where a book from your list is selected for you) to earn yourself a place on the Wall of Honour. My deadline is December 2021 and so far I’ve read 41 of the books on my list so I’m heading for the home strait. However, it has to be said that some of the books I’ve read are also part of my Buchan of the Month reading project, of which more below.

Buchan of the Month Banner 2020.jpgBuchan of the Month Reading Project

Now in its third year, this is a personal challenge involving reading a different book by John Buchan – fiction or non-fiction – every month. You can see my reading list for the year and find links to my reviews of the nine I’ve read so far here.

Completed Challenges

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020

I set my target at 120 books this year and achieved that when I finished A Conspiracy of Silence by Anna Legat earlier this week.

When Are You Reading? 2020 (hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words)

20 Books of Summer 2020 (hosted by Cathy at 746Books)

Have you set yourself any reading challenges this year? If so, how are you getting on?

10 thoughts on “My 2020 Reading Challenges: Progress Update

  1. You are doing well, I hope you complete all the goals you set for yourself, but if not, you still read a lot in the various areas you set. I need to do one of these posts, I should have done one at the end of September, but forgot.


  2. I’ve upped my Goodreads challenge twice now, but I think I’ll keep it at 60 (for now). Who knew that retirement would give me so much more time for reading. But we’re moving house soon, so my reading time might get eaten up for the next month or so!

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  3. Good luck with reading The Mirror & the Light for the What’s In A Name reading challenge! I have yet to find a title with an ampersand in to read for this! πŸ˜… I am also taking part in The Classics Club (for the second time) and the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge. Happy reading! πŸ‘‹πŸ“šπŸ˜ƒ

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