My Week in Books – 9th August 2020


On What Cathy Read Next last week

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Monday – I published my review of The Housing Lark by Sam Selvon and achieved my NetGalley 200 Reviews badge at the same time!

Tuesday – This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was Books With Colours In Their Titles

Wednesday – I published my review of The Honey and the Sting by E. C. Fremantle ahead of its publication on 6th August. And it wouldn’t be hump day without WWW Wednesday It’s the opportunity to share what I’ve just read, what I’m currently reading and what I plan to read next…and have a good nose around to see what other bloggers are reading.

Thursday – I published my review of The Whispering House by Elizabeth Brooks 

Friday –  I shared my list for the latest Classics Club Spin and my review of The Scarlet Code by C. S. Quinn.

Saturday – I published my review of The Borrowed Boy by Deborah Klée as part of the blog tour.

As always, thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on or so generously shared my blog posts on social media this week.

New arrivals

2020-08-06 14.45.15Adrift: How Our World Lost Its Way by Amin Maalouf, translated by Frank Wynne (advance review copy, courtesy of World Editions) 

The United States is losing its moral credibility. The European Union is breaking apart. Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean are becoming battlefields for various regional and global powers. Extreme forms of nationalism are on the rise. Thus divided, humanity is unable to address global threats to the environment and our health.

How did we get here and what is yet to come?

World-renowned scholar and bestselling author Amin Maalouf seeks to raise awareness and pursue a new human solidarity. In Adrift, Maalouf traces how civilizations have drifted apart throughout the 20th century, mixing personal narrative and historical analysis to provide a warning signal for the future.

9781788546430The Ghost Tree (A Betty Church Mystery #3) by M.R.C Kasasian (e-book, Head of Zeus, NetGalley)

Detective Betty Church is forced to revisit ghosts from her past when a skeleton is found buried in the woods.

July, 1914: Sixteen-year-old Etterly, running from something, hides inside the trunk of a tree and disappears. The police search but find no trace. Her family and friends wrack their brains, but come up with nothing. And so slowly life returns to normal. The hole in the tree is boarded up and the town of Sackwater moves on. Only Etterly’s best friend, Betty, clings to hope, insisting she can hear her friend crying for help.

June, 1940: A skeleton is discovered buried in the woods. Though most clues have long since decayed, it is wearing an unusual necklace. As soon as Inspector Betty Church sees the evidence she recognises it. The necklace belonged to Etterly. Fearing the worst, Betty is determined to solve this strange case once and for all.

What happened to Etterly? And why has this secret remained buried for so long?

9781912534258Those Who Know (The Teifi Valley Coroner #3) by Alis Hawkins (ARC, courtesy of The Dome Press)

Harry Probert-Lloyd has inherited the estate of Glanteifi and appointed his assistant John as under-steward. But his true vocation, to be coroner, is under threat. Against his natural instincts, Harry must campaign if he is to be voted as coroner permanently by the local people and politicking is not his strength.

On the hustings, Harry and John are called to examine the body of Nicholas Rowland, a radical and pioneering schoolteacher whose death may not be the accident it first appeared. What was Rowland’s real relationship with his eccentric patron, Miss Gwatkyn? And why does Harry’s rival for the post of coroner deny knowing him? Harry’s determination to uncover the truth threatens to undermine both his campaign and his future.

On What Cathy Read Next this week

Currently reading

Planned posts

  • Book Review: Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen by Alison Weir
  • Blog Tour/Book Review: Fortress of Fury by Matthew Harffy
  • Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved but Never Reviewed
  • Waiting on Wednesday
  • Blog Tour/Book Review: The Bird in the Bamboo Cage by Hazel Gaynor
  • My Five Favourite July Reads
  • Buchan of the Month: Introducing…A Prince of the Captivity by John Buchan

7 thoughts on “My Week in Books – 9th August 2020

  1. Wow, well done on achieving your 200 Reviews badge from Netgalley! I am hoping to get my 100 one soon! Loved your review for The Honey and the Sting and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen and The Bird in the Bamboo Cage. Take care and happy reading! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have just under 50 more reviews to get to 200 there, and they aren’t very nice about letting me request books because I don’t live in a “normal” country. I may never see 500!


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