My Week in Books – 26th April 2020


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Monday –  I published my review of A Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys by John Buchan.

TuesdayThis week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names.

WednesdayWWW Wednesday is the opportunity to share what I’ve just read, what I’m currently reading and what I plan to read next…and have a good nose around to see what other bloggers are reading. I also published my review of The Wheelwright’s Daughter by Eleanor Porter as part of the blog tour.

Thursday – I shared my review of A Life Without End by Frederic Beigbeder.

Friday – I published my review of historical crime mystery The Figure in the Photograph by Kevin Sullivan

Saturday – I shared my review of The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews.

As always, thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on or shared my blog posts on social media this week.

New arrivals

The Straits of TreacheryThe Straits of Treachery by Richard Hopton (eARC, Allison & Busby, NetGalley)

September 1810. Raids across the Straits of Messina to disrupt preparations for the French invasion of the island have been repulsed with heavy casualties. George Warne, a bright young British officer, suspects treachery back in Messina, and is ordered to investigate. Warne uncovers a shadowy underworld of spies, traitors and informers where nothing is quite as it seems and where danger lurks around every corner. If the long-threatened French invasion erupts will Sicily’s defenders be prepared?

Then We Take Berlin AudioThen We Take Berlin (Joe Wilderness #1) by John Lawton (audio book)

Joe Wilderness is a World War II orphan, a condition that he thinks excuses him from common morality. Cat burglar, card sharp, and Cockney wide boy, the last thing he wants is to get drafted. But in 1946 he finds himself in the Royal Air Force, facing a stretch in military prison . . . when along comes Lt Colonel Burne-Jones to tell him MI6 has better use for his talents.

Posted to occupied Berlin, interrogating ex-Nazis, and burgling the odd apartment for MI6, Wilderness finds himself with time on his hands and the devil making work. He falls in with Frank, a US Army captain, with Eddie, a British artilleryman and with Yuri, a major in the NKVD and together they lift the black market scam to a new level. Coffee never tasted so sweet. And he falls for Nell Breakheart, a German girl who has witnessed the worst that Germany could do and is driven by all the scruples that Wilderness lacks.

Fifteen years later, June 1963. Wilderness is free-lance and down on his luck. A gumshoe scraping by on divorce cases. Frank is a big shot on Madison Avenue, cooking up one last Berlin scam . . . for which he needs Wilderness once more. Only now they’re not smuggling coffee, they’re smuggling people. And Nell? Nell is on the staff of West Berlin’s mayor Willy Brandt, planning for the state visit of the most powerful man in the world: “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

Paris SavagesParis Savages by Katherine Johnson (eARC, Allison & Busby, NetGalley)

Fraser Island, 1882. The population of the Badtjala people is in sharp decline following a run of brutal massacres. When German scientist Louis Müller offers to sail three Badtjala people – Bonny, Jurano and Dorondera – to Europe to perform to huge crowds, the proud and headstrong Bonny agrees, hoping to bring his people’s plight to the Queen of England. Accompanied by Müller’s bright, grieving daughter, Hilda, the group begins their journey to belle-Epoque Europe to perform in Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and eventually London. While crowds in Europe are enthusiastic to see the unique dances, singing, fights and pole climbing from the oldest culture in the world, the attention is relentless, and the fascination of scientists intrusive. When disaster strikes, Bonny must find a way to return home.

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