What’s In A Name Challenge 2020 – Completed!


The What’s In A Name Challenge is being hosted again for 2020 by Andrea at Carolina Book Nook.  Andrea took over in 2019 from Charlie at The Worm Hole who hosted previous years’ challenges.  You can find out how I got on with the challenge in 2019 here.

The challenge runs from January to December 2020. During this time you must read a book whose title fits each of the following categories. I’ve made some provisional selections below (trying to pick from my TBR pile where possible). The link from the title will take you to the book’s entry on Goodreads.  Once I’ve read them, I’ll replace this with a link to my review.

It’s a really fun challenge, so why not sign up to take part yourself?

An ampersand                           Blitz Writing: Night Shift & It Was Different At The Time by Inez Holden Read and reviewed

An antonym                                Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult Read and reviewed

4 letters or less                          Liar by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen Read and reviewed

A given/first name                    Katherine by Anya Seton Read and reviewed

Reference to children              The Borrowed Boy by Deborah Klee Read and reviewed

One of the 4 natural elements (water, air, fire, earth)   On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong Read and reviewed

8 thoughts on “What’s In A Name Challenge 2020 – Completed!

  1. I was thinking that the antonym category would be extremely difficult but that creativity-encourage helped me figure out quite a few options. enjoy!


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