My 5 Favourite June Reads


I read eleven books in June including one five-star read and several that came close.  You can find details of my five favourite of the books I read last month below.  Click on the book title to view the book description on Goodreads.

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My first choice is historical novel Fled by Meg Keneally.  Based on a true story, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and thought  Jenny (and her real life counterpart, Mary Bryant) a remarkable character brought convincingly to life by the author.  Read my full review here.

Next up is The Playground Murders by Lesley Thomson.  Although the seventh in the author’s ‘The Detective’s Daughter’ series, it’s the first of the books I’ve read.  That didn’t stop me enjoying this compelling crime mystery that switches back and forth in time from the present day to 1980, the location of the murder of the title.  You can read my full review here.

My next choice is non-fiction – Monopoli Blues by Tim Clark & Nick Cook.  It’s the remarkable story of Tim Clark’s search for the story of his parents’ wartime service in the SOE.  I described it as ‘a touching portrait of a loving relationship, a compelling account of wartime bravery and a fitting commemoration of…perfectly ordinary people who did extraordinary things’ but you can read my full review here.

Back to crime now but historical crime.  I loved S.W. Perry’s first book, The Angel’s Mark, and I’m happy to say I enjoyed its sequel, The Serpent’s Mark, just as much. Set in Elizabethan London, its intriguing premise and the twists and turns of the plot kept me turning the pages right to the end.  You can read my full review here.

My final choice is a psychological thriller with a distinctly literary feel – The Body Lies by Jo Baker – in which life starts to imitate art in an unsettling way for the main character.  Read my full review here.

What were some of your favourite books you read in June?  Have you read any of my picks?