When Are You Reading? Challenge 2019: Sign-Up


The When Are You Reading? Challenge is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words and involves reading a book predominantly set in each of the twelve time periods.   You can see how I got on with the 2018 challenge here.

You can find my provisional list for the 2019 challenge below which I will be updating with links to my reviews as I read the books.  At the moment, clicking on the title will take you to the book’s entry on Goodreads.  I’ve deliberately chosen books that have been in my TBR pile for way too long. Yes, you’re right.  In making my selections, I’m aiming to kill two birds with one stone.  Reducing my TBR pile is one of my reading goals for 2019.

If you love historical fiction but often find yourself sticking to one or two favourite time periods, or if you’re keen to read more historical fiction in 2019, why not join in?

Pre-1300:       Deposed by David Barbaree

1300-1499:    The Turn of Midnight (Black Death #2) by Minette Walters Read & Reviewed

1500-1699:     The Assassin of Verona by Benet Brandreth

1700-1799:    The Body in the Ice by A. J. Mackenzie

1800-1899:    The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal

1900-1919:   A House of Ghosts by W. C. Ryan

1920-1939:    Munich by Robert Harris

1940-1959:    Her Hidden Life by V. S. Alexander

1960-1979:    The Reading Party by Fenella Gentleman

1980-1999:    The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

2000-Present: 99 Nights in Logar by Jamil Jan Kochai

The Future:    Individutopia by Joss Sheldon



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