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I’m delighted to be co-hosting today’s stop on the blog tour for A Mother’s Sacrifice, Gemma Metcalfe’s latest gripping thriller.  You can read my review below.

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A Mother's SacrificeAbout the Book

God ensured she crossed my path. And that is why I chose her.

The day Louisa and James bring their newborn son home from the hospital marks a new beginning for all of them. To hold their child in their arms, makes all the stress and trauma of fertility treatment worth it. Little Cory is theirs and theirs alone. Or so they think… After her mother’s suicide when she was a child, Louisa’s life took an even darker turn. But meeting James changed everything. She can trust him to protect her, and to never leave her. Even if deep down, she worries that she has never told him the full truth about her past, or the truth about their baby. But someone knows all her secrets – and that person is watching and waiting, with a twisted game that will try to take everything Louisa holds dear.

Format: ebook (300 pp.)              Publisher: HQ Digital
Published: 9th March 2018          Genre:  Psychological Thriller, Suspense

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My Review

I don’t read a lot of psychological thrillers so when I do I’m always taken aback by the pace and sheer ingenuity of the narrative their authors achieve.  A Mother’s Sacrifice is no exception.

‘It really does feel like a fairy tale; the beautiful nursery, the doting husband, the scrumptious little newborn who snores softly in my arms.’

That ‘Happily Ever After’ feeling doesn’t last long though.  Within a couple of sentences, Louisa is experiencing anxiety and self-doubt. Living inside the poor tortured mind of Louisa is at times an uncomfortable experience but this reader’s sympathy was always with her as the traumatic events in her past are revealed.  But is what Louisa is telling us the truth, fantasy, delusion or false memory? Louisa’s joy at finally becoming a mother and her unconditional love for little Cory means the reader is disposed to be on her side as her unknown tormentor preys on her fragile mental state, made more fragile by the normal strains of new motherhood.

The author is adept at dropping in little nuggets of information – are they important clues, clever distractions or just mischievous red herrings? (Answer: maybe, yes and very likely.) As events unfold the reader will suspect just about everyone, and I mean everyone – the passer-by, the postman, the Man in the Moon, the Speaking Clock…  The author had me in such a spin I swear she could almost have convinced me that I was behind it all.  However, alongside the breathless narrative, the book touches on some serious themes including the anguish of infertility, the emotional scars of grief and the question of who we are and where we come from.

A Mother’s Sacrifice is a white knuckle, head-spinning, mile-a-minute, dizzying rollercoaster of a read.  At times, it became a little too frenetic for me and, as the twists come so thick and fast, perhaps the mechanics of the plot take priority over the characterisation.  Because the reader is made to suspect almost all the characters at some point, it does mean thinking the worst of everyone.  Louisa’s husband, James, comes off worst when in truth he should probably be getting as much of the reader’s understanding as Louisa.  Even small kindnesses which are actually just that end up being interrogated for possible ulterior motives.

Fans of twisty, suspenseful, psychological thrillers will not be disappointed by A Mother’s Sacrifice.

I received an advance reader copy courtesy of NetGalley, publishers HQ Digital and Neverland Book Tours  in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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In three words: Twisty, suspenseful, fast-paced

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Gemma MetcalfeAbout the Author

Gemma Metcalfe is a Manchester born author who now lives in sunny Tenerife with her husband Danny and two crazy rescue dogs Dora and Diego. By day, Gemma can be found working as a Primary school teacher, but as the sun sets, she ditches the glitter and glue and becomes a writer of psychological thrillers. An established drama queen, she admits to having a rather warped imagination, and loves writing original plots with shocking twists. The plot for her debut novel Trust Me is loosely based on her experiences as a call centre operative, where she was never quite sure who would answer the phone…

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