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EntanglementAbout the Book

2007: At the end of a momentous day, Charlie, Stella and John cross paths under the arches of Paddington Station. As Charlie locks eyes with Stella across the platform, a brief, powerful spark of recognition flashes between them. But they are strangers … aren’t they?

Plunging back thirty years we watch as, unknown to them all, the lives of Stella and John, and Charlie and his girlfriend Beth, are pulled ever closer, an invisible thread connecting them across the decades and through London’s busy streets.  For Stella, becoming a young mother in the 1970s puts an end to her bright academic career in a way John can’t seem to understand. Meanwhile Charlie gambles all future happiness with Beth when his inner demons threaten to defeat him.

Format: ebook, hardcover (320 pp.)               Publisher: The Borough Press
Published: 22nd March 2018                             Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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My Review

A story inspired by a concept from quantum physics?  Well, yes.   Put simply (thank you, Wikipedia), quantum entanglement is the idea that entangled particles remain connected and that actions performed on one affect the other even when separated by great distances.   It’s what Albert Einstein dubbed ‘spooky action at a distance’.  Katy Mahood uses this concept as the inspiration for the story of two couples whose life journeys overlap, mirror and just occasionally come into brief contact with each other.  Following the chance presence of Stella and Charlie, two complete strangers, at one momentous event, it’s a story of repeated ‘almost encounters’ that may be no more than a fleeting glance or  a glimpse from a park bench.  Ships passing unnoticed in the night, as it were.

The reader witnesses the ups and downs of their lives as both couples experience joy and loss, love and betrayal, and struggle with mental and physical illness, alcoholism and unfulfilled dreams.   The author recently spoke in an interview for The Daily Mail about how her own husband’s illness became the motivation to write the book.  

I’ve loved being entangled in the lives of these two couples for the past few days and seeing how, if at all, their stories might converge.  It’s an emotional journey that is beautifully described and feels absolutely true to life and authentic.

I received an advance reader copy courtesy of NetGalley and publishers, The Borough Press, in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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In three words: Clever, compelling, emotional

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Katy MahoodAbout the Author

Connect with Katy

Katy Mahood was born in 1978 and studied at Edinburgh and Oxford Universities.  After a brief career in publishing, she has since worked in marketing, most recently for the cancer charity Maggie’s.  She has contributed to a number of publications on architecture and health and writes a blog which features occasional poetry and short fiction.  She lives in Bristol with her husband Matt, a teacher, and their daughters, seven and nine.  Entanglement is her first novel.

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