Top Ten Bookish Goals: A Postscript


Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but this week’s theme – Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2018 – proved so popular (not least with me) that I wanted to do some sort of follow-up.  Thanks, first of all, to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for coming up with such a fantastic topic

I did a lot of blog hopping yesterday and I think a lot of other people did too.  (Nothing like being nosey about what other bloggers’ have planned!)  I started to see a few goals getting mentioned over and over again.  So, based on the 25 or so blogs I visited (not a scientific sample, I stress) here are the ten most popular bookish goals for 2018, listed in reverse order of popularity:

Ten –      Devote more time to your own writing
Nine –    Read more books than in 2017
Eight –   Write/post reviews in a more timely fashion, e.g. straight after finishing a book
Seven –  Read with less pressure, e.g. no target number, less challenges, no strict TBR list
Six –       Cull bookshelves (real and virtual) of books you no longer want
Five –     Complete series you’ve started
Four –    Complete reading challenges you’ve signed up for
Three –  Read more diversely, e.g. different genres, new authors
Two –     Be more active in the blogging community, e.g. visit/comment on other blogs
One –     Read more of the books you own/from your TBR pile

Do any of your goals appear on this list?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Goals: A Postscript

    1. Most of them in my case, except writing (not enough creativity) and series (don’t really do them). Funny isn’t it how so many book bloggers want to reduce their TBRs…we all suffer from the same inability to resist shiny new books seemingly.


    1. Thanks, I found it so notable that so many bloggers have similar goals. I was slightly surprised that writing featured so highly. The more books I read the more I become convinced I’d never have the creativity or imagination to write a book myself.


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