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I’m delighted to be hosting today’s stop on the blog tour for In The Dark by Andreas Pflüger. Published on 2nd November, In The Dark’s protagonist, Jenny Aaron, has been described as a character to stand beside Silence of the Lambs’ Clarice Starling and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander.

I have a wonderful extract below that will introduce you to Jenny.

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In The DarkAbout the Book

Jenny Aaron was a government assassin, part of an elite unit tracking Germany’s most dangerous criminals.

She was one of the best, until a disastrous mission ended with her abandoning a wounded colleague and then going blind from her injuries.

Now, five years later, she has learnt to navigate a darkened world, but is haunted by betraying her colleague. When she is called back to the force to trace a ruthless serial killer, she seizes the opportunity to solve the case and restore her honour.


Format: Hardback (368 pp.)     Publisher: Head of Zeus
Published: 2nd November 2017     Genre: Thriller, Crime

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Extract from In The Dark by Andreas Pflüger

The stewardess asks again: ‘With milk?’

‘Black.’ Aaron reaches out her hand and feels the cup being placed in it. She hears the pilot’s voice: ‘In thirty minutes we will land in Berlin. It has already been snowing all morning. Please keep your safety belts fastened, we are expecting some turbulence.’

Aaron forces herself to drink the coffee.

Since she has been working for the BKA, the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, in Wiesbaden, there have been several opportunities to travel to Berlin for work. The office has a branch in the district of Treptow, where the security group, the anti-terror centre and the ‘special unit’ department are based. But Aaron has always been able to avoid it.

She grew up in the Rhineland, but in her early twenties she made Berlin her home, which it still is in some way even today, even though she hasn’t been there for five years. She feels that quite clearly, with every kilometre closer to the city. Impatience floods through her, the joyful anticipation of arrival, a tingle. It irritates her, because on this return journey, the twenty-four hours that she will stay, fear is her luggage.

Five years. Aaron didn’t even close down her flat in Schöneberg; her father did that for her.

In Berlin she left behind only a few people that she misses. The life she led hardly allowed her to have friendships. Pavlik and his wife Sandra were, in fact, the only ones. When she moved to the nameless Department at the age of twenty-five, he immediately took her under his wing.

The only woman among forty men.

It was from Pavlik that she learned that everyone, however long they had been there, had nights when the shivering came.

That came as a great relief to Aaron: being hugged, and also being allowed to console others.

Nonetheless, in the years that have passed since Barcelona she and Pavlik haven’t spoken. They talked on the phone occasionally for the first few months. But they were both helpless. Pavlik tried to act as if nothing serious had happened in Spain, and took refuge in coolness because it was the only way he could deal with it. And Aaron could find no words to express what it means for her, she still can’t even today. Eventually they only heard each other breathing. And then the calls stopped.

Will I still recognize his voice?

‘We are now coming in to land at Berlin-Schönefeld. Please fold away your tables and put your seats in the upright position.’

‘Oh great!’

When Aaron’s neighbour furiously throws her coffee cup at her, she realizes that she has left it half full on the table, and must have spilled it over the man’s trousers.

‘Are you blind?’ he snarls.


Pflüger_Andreas(c)Stefan KlüterAbout the Author

Andreas Pflüger is a German screenwriter and author. He has written a number of episodes of the hugely popular German police procedural Tatort. In the Dark is published in eight languages.

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