Book Review: Monsoon Rising (Nomad #1) by David Lee Corley

Monsoon RisingAbout the Book

Billy Gamble knows how to stay a step ahead of the law. He is a thief on the run, with $4.2 million in his pocket and hiding out in Southeast Asia. But his great escape soon becomes his worst nightmare when his Thai girlfriend is murdered and all clues point to him. If he doesn’t find the real killer soon, he’ll be forced to face the consequences of a murder he didn’t commit and more people may die.

Eve Donoghue is the best skip tracer in the insurance business. Her employer wants his money back and has sent Eve to find and bring back Billy. But no sooner has she found him than he drags her into the search for an enigmatic serial killer known as The Nomad. They know The Nomad has fled Thailand, but where in the world should they start looking? It will take all their skill to track down the killer and find enough evidence to prove Billy’s innocence. How far will Eve go to close her case and collect her finder’s fee? How far will Billy go to avenge his dead lover and keep his freedom? The stakes are high for these unlikely cohorts and even higher for The Nomad’s victims. Can they find the elusive murderer before the Thai police track down Billy and imprison him for life? When will The Nomad kill again, and whom?

Format: ebook , paperback (400 pp.) Publisher: Telos LLC
Published: 24th June 2017                     Genre: Thriller

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My Review

This is a well-constructed thriller which features some exotic locations. In fact, one of the things I enjoyed was the detail about the customs and culture of Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo.

In the person of the killer, referred to throughout by the soubriquet ‘The Nomad’, the author has created a memorable character (if not in a good way for those prone to nightmares). The Nomad is a cold, amoral, sadistic psychopath. I found some of his acts of violence, including sexual violence, disturbing (although I will admit to being squeamish). In fact, there was a troubling air of misogyny about the book since the most gruesome acts are perpetrated against women.

Billy, the other main character, although a conman and fraudster on the run, comes across as a positive saint in comparison. In Billy’s travels around South East Asia in pursuit of the nomad, the author is able to display an impressive knowledge of surveillance techniques, how to destroy forensic evidence, how to enter a country illegally and identity theft.  I found the sections of the book where Billy and his partner, Eve, track down The Nomad quite fascinating.

Surprisingly the book blurb reveals a plot development that doesn’t take place until a third of the way through the book. I found the air of suspense grew as the book progressed, although I was surprised by the ending as it seemed to rule out an obvious direction for a future book.

In my opinion, the book would benefit from additional editing/reformatting and proofreading. In the ebook version I read, there were quite a few typo’s and, most annoyingly, chapters where the action switched from one character to another, or even one location to another, between paragraphs (or, in one case, within a paragraph) without any section break indicator.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author and Sage’s Blog Tours in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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In three words: Exotic, suspenseful, chilling

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DavidLeeCorleyAbout the Author

David Lee Corley is a seasoned writer and a successful motion picture screenwriter with four produced screenplay credits from major studios, including ‘Solo’, ‘Executive Power’, ‘Angel’s Dance’ and ‘Second in Command’. His last produced screenplay sold to Sony Pictures for over $300,000 US and he has won awards at San Jose Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival and Malibu Film Festival. Monsoon Rising is David’s first novel.

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