My 5 Favourite July Reads


Of the 13 books I read in July, here are my five favourite (in no particular order). Click on the book title to read my review.

TheWatchHouseThe Watch House by Bernie McGill (5*)

Beautifully written, dramatic historical fiction with an atmospheric setting, characters I cared about and an underlying sense of mystery. If you loved Hannah Kent’s The Good People, you’ll enjoy this.

AReluctantWarriorA Reluctant Warrior by Kelly Brooke Nicholls (4.5*)

This was a terrific find; a book I took a chance on as part of a blog tour. Set in Colombia, it’s a really entertaining read, full of suspense with a fascinating setting and plenty of tense moments but which also exposes the impact of drugs and corruption on the people of that troubled country.

TheVanishingofAudreyWildeThe Vanishing of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase (4.5*)

Alternating between past and present, this is a dark, suspenseful and atmospheric mystery. It’s a worthy follow-up to Black Rabbit Hall; in fact, it’s even better in my view.

TheThirteenthGateThe Thirteenth Gate by Kat Ross (4*)

An intricately plotted mystery set in the era of Jack the Ripper with added ghouls and daemons. It’s a very entertaining blend of paranormal and historical mystery. The Thirteenth Gate is the second in the Dominion Mystery series but perfectly good as a standalone (although I shall definitely read the first one at some point).

RevenantsRevenants: The Odyssey Home by Scott Kauffman (4*)

This was a review copy sent to me by an author soon after I started my blog and I’m so glad I accepted the offer to review it. It surprised me for being much more than just an entertaining mystery. I found it a fascinating, multi-layered book that explores themes such as the consequences of actions, how power can corrupt, the need to do penance for past actions and the lasting, often unforeseen, impacts of war, not just on the participants but on their families and communities as well.

What were your favourite reads last month?

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