Are You Monogamous or Polygamous (When it Comes to Books)?


Do you like to devote yourself to one book at a time and give it all your book love, only then moving on to the next? Or do you enjoy having a number of books on the go, flirting with each as the mood takes you? To put it another way, do you like to read in sequence or in parallel?

I can see pros and cons to both but I’ll ‘fess up now to being a dyed-in-the wool polygamist…when it comes to books.

In Praise of Book Monogamy

  • You can give your full attention to the book – the story, the characters, the writing – without any distraction
  • You won’t have any problem picking up where you left off because it will be fresh in your mind, not obscured by anything else you’ve read in between
  • You’ll get through the book in a shorter elapsed time
  • If it’s a challenging read – a long book, a complex subject or unusual writing style – you’ll be able to apply your full concentration to it
  • It will be much easier to recall when you come to write that all important review
  • No temptation to switch to another book leaving the current one unfinished
  • Ideal for the self-disciplined

favourite                     BookPile

In Praise of Book Polygamy

  • You can switch between books depending on your mood. For example, perhaps a few chapters from something light-hearted when you’re feeling a bit down and then back to something more thrilling when you crave excitement.   Or something gentler and slower for bedtime reading.
  • If you’re struggling to get into a particular book, you can switch to another for a time and go back to the first book later.
  • Less chance of a DNF because of the above
  • You can take a break from a challenging read but, rather than do something entirely non-book related, you can polish off a few chapters of another quite different book
  • You may pick up similarities or common themes between books that you wouldn’t have noticed if you’d read them separately
  • You’ve got more chance of finding a book with the right chapter length to fit those odd reading opportunities during the day
  • Ideal for the multi-tasker

So, do you practice monogamy or polygamy when it comes to books?


18 thoughts on “Are You Monogamous or Polygamous (When it Comes to Books)?

    1. That’s my approach as well. Sometimes if I’m reading something like a thriller – especially if it’s got lots of short chapters – I feel I just need to take a break and slow down. Read something with a more leisurely pace. And for me there are definitely ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ books.

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  1. In general I favour one book at a time so I can be immersed in it but I usually do have multiple books on the go. There’s usually one book that is my main one and then a couple others that I dip into depending on my mood.

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    1. Great point – I think blogging has influenced my reading habits as well. Definitely agree about the different genres. I’m reading a couple for blog tours at the moment and they are quite similar so I’m going to have to finish one before I start the other…


  2. I practice monogamy both in life and in reading. LOL I can only read one book at a time in order to read them with enough clarity to write a review.

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