My 5 Favourite…May Reads


Of the thirteen books I read in May, here are my five favourites.

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Crimson & Bone by Marina Fiorato

I do love Marina’s mix of historical fiction and romance, and in Crimson & Bone she added a touch of gothic melodrama, a generous helping of mystery and lashings of lovely descriptions of art. A really enjoyable, entertaining read (and a gorgeous cover as well).

Vindolanda by Adrian Goldsworthy

This looks like the first in a new series (at least, I hope so) set in the north of Roman Britain. Action-packed with a great story and interesting hero, it was backed up by the author’s meticulous research and knowledge of the period. If you enjoy Bernard Cornwell’s books or have an interest in Roman history, you will like this.

Fata Morgana by Steven R Boyett & Ken Mitchroney

A WW2 bomber is transported mid-battle through a vortex to a seemingly alien world devastated by a global apocalypse. I can’t do better than repeat my description of this book as ‘a glorious mash-up of The Twilight Zone, The Flight of the Phoenix and The Time Machine (not so much the H G Wells book but the 1960 film starring Rod Taylor)’. Really entertaining.  Sci-fi meets historical fiction.

A Countess in Limbo by Olga Hendrikoff & Sue Carscallen

Fascinating memoir based on the journals of Countess Olga Hendrikoff who lived through the Russian Revolution and the occupation of Paris during WW2. A story of courage, resilience and determination.

Days Without End by Sebastian Barry

This has garnered a lot of praise and prizes and, having recently finished reading it, boy, does it deserve them all. My read of the month; it is simply brilliant. As is often the case with outstanding books, I’m still trying to gather together my thoughts into a review that would in any way do it justice.

What great books did you read in May?  Have you read any of my selection?


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  1. Ooh, good to hear you loved Days Without End so much since I’ll be reading it soon! I’m also very tempted by Vindolanda – I read one of his ‘proper’ Roman histories a year or two ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. He clearly knows his stuff!

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