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First of all, thanks to Jen at Jen Med’s Book Reviews whose recent list of recommended blogs inspired this post.

Secondly, if you’re not on this list, please don’t think I don’t love your blog as well. I follow loads of wonderful book blogs but it when it came to thinking of just ten, these were the first ones that sprang to mind.  Plus, in my defence, the title is 10 Book Blogs I Love not The Only 10 Book Blogs I Love! So don’t despair – I plan to share further lists in the future and your blog will no doubt be on one of them!

Without further ado, on with the list (in no particular order):

Linda’s Book Bag

Why do I love it? Linda’s was one of the first blogs I followed when I started blogging back in November last year. I’m still blown away by how Linda manages to publish multiple posts every day, especially now I understand firsthand the work involved. My inbox was a little bit bereft when she took some time out recently.   Not every book Linda features would be my cup of tea but I still enjoy reading her reviews because they are so well written and Linda’s personal voice really comes through.

Cleopatra Loves Books

Why do I love it? Cleo features such a great range of books in different genres. Her choices are really interesting and I love reading her in-depth reviews.   Quite a few books on my wish-list are there directly because of her reviews, many of them books I probably wouldn’t otherwise have chosen.


Why do I love it? Like Karen, I love the classics although she is making better progress on her Classics Club Challenge list than me. She has some really interesting and inventive reading projects, such as reading all the winners of the Man Booker Prize and Reading Across the Equator (reading a novel by an author from each country through which the Equator passes).

A Life in Books

Why do I love it? Susan shares my interest in literary fiction and is another blogger whose review list matches many of the books on my own bookshelves. Susan’s a little more adventurous than me in her choices, which is great because it leads me to books I might not otherwise have considered. I really enjoy her Blasts from the Past as well – such a neat idea to look back at what you were reading a few years back – and how your reviews have developed! A great way to recycle old posts as well!

Never Imitate

Why do I love it? Jackie reviews books in a wide range of genres and always has something interesting and insightful to say about them.   I also enjoy her author and publisher interviews. I know firsthand that coming up with interesting, original questions to ask is more difficult than it looks.

The Owl on the Bookshelf

Why do I love it? Well, of course, I adore the owl’s taste in literature (don’t know about Natalie’s so much!).  When I look down the list of reviewed books I see so many of my own favourite reads there or books I have waiting to be read.  It’s great to find other people who share your literary taste and whose recommendations you can rely on. Also, it’s interesting when they have a different take on a book you’ve both read.

Fiction Fan

Why do I love it? Fiction Fan’s blog features a wide variety of genres and some really interesting challenges, such as Reading the Russian Revolution. I’m always in awe of bloggers who set themselves such amazing challenges.

Bookish Beck

Why do I love it?   Well, first of all Rebecca is a fellow resident of Berkshire, UK and we both attended the University of Reading, although my student days were far longer ago! I love the range of books Rebecca reads and reviews and I’ve been following with interest the Wellcome Book Prize shadow panel she was involved in (even if the prize did go to their least favourite book!).

For Winter Nights

Why do I love it? Kate shares my love of historical fiction and we have many favourite authors in common so I always trust her recommendations. Her blog is so well-organised that you can find a list of reviews categorised by historical period!  I’m blown away when I look at the list and see so many books on it.  That’s blogging dedication.


Why do I love it? As well as great reviews, I really enjoy Lynne’s Cover Love feature. I am also completely in awe of someone who has managed to achieve a NetGalley badge for 200 Reviews!

Have I listed any of your favourite blogs?  What draws you to particular book blogs?

20 thoughts on “10 Book Blogs I Love

  1. I didn’t even know Netgalley had a 200 reviews badge. Now I’m left wondering what the next one is ;-). I know 3 of the blogs you name and the one that makes me add most books is Cleo! She reads all the best books :-). Nice list, I’m going to check out the others too!

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  2. Thanks SO much for including me on your list. I am very flattered to be among such esteemed company. (Sadly, the next NetGalley badge is for 500 reviews – it should take me about 3 more years to get that one. LOL)

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  3. Aw, thank you for the lovely mention and I’m so sorry I missed your post! Somehow I must have accidentally unfollowed – it’s so annoyingly easy to do that on WP, I find – and I just assumed you were on a break. Sorted now! I follow most of the bloggers on your list, but there are a couple who are new to me – just popping over to “meet” them. Thanks for the introduction! 😀

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