10 (More) Tip to Beat Reviewer’s Block

ReviewersBlockI had some great feedback on my original post, so here are 10 more ideas for when the reviewing muse proves elusive:

Tip 11 – Always have something at hand to jot down thoughts when inspiration strikes (notepad and pen by the bed/in the kitchen, post-it notes, notepad app on your phone for when you’re out) whatever works for you.

Tip 12 – Don’t try to rely on your memory (see above). Trust me, that great idea will have disappeared by the time you sit down to write your review.

Tip 13 – How about the carrot approach? Promise yourself a treat once you’ve written the review – cream cake, biscuit, glass of wine, chocolate or whatever’s your thing!

Tip 14 – Still no joy? Then it’s time for the stick. Not only can’t you buy, you can’t even pick up a book until you’ve completed that darn review. There, that should sort it.

Tip 15 – Time to man (or woman) up. Look, it’s only a few hundred words you need to write, the author produced tens of thousands. What are you complaining about?

Tip 16 – Think about the poor author who so depends on your review. Don’t you feel guilty now?

Tip 17 – Re-read some of your own reviews of other books. Try to get back into the frame of mind that produced those works of genius.

Tip 18 – Oh, just write “It’s a good read”. (This one is my husband’s suggestion.)

Tip 19 – Try the psychological approach. Repeat after me: “I only need to write 300 words, I can do that”; “I’m really good at writing reviews”; “I am the King/Queen of Reviews, I rock”….

Tip 20 – Find a really good review of the book by someone else and copy and paste it.  Look, I’m joking, people!


11 thoughts on “10 (More) Tip to Beat Reviewer’s Block

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  2. Some good tips here! I always take notes when I read because who can rely on memory to write a review? They definitely help, but I’m often blocked by other things – now I have some solutions!


  3. Tip 11 is my favourite. I apply it, rigorously. 🙂
    Though there’s always a danger of procrastination rearing its head. “I’ll write the idea down later” can ruin it all. So even applying Tip 11 isn’t easy, beware!

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