Book Review: Ares Road by James L. Weaver

ares-road-2Thrilling follow-up to the terrific Poor Boy Road

About the Book

Description (courtesy of Goodreads): With his days as a mob enforcer behind him, Jake Caldwell’s trying to go straight. But it seems his past won’t let him go. His first job working as a private investigator turns up a teenage girl screaming down a dead man’s cell phone, and Logan, his mentor and the only man with answers, beaten into a coma. Now Jake’s taking it personally. The only clues Jake has to unravel the mystery are a Russian with a stolen, silver briefcase and three names: Snell, Parley and Ares. Teaming up with his best friend Bear, the Sheriff of his home town, and an attractive FBI agent, Jake quickly discovers they’re not the only ones looking for the briefcase and its deadly contents. It’s no longer about seeking revenge.

Book Facts

  • Format: ebook
  • Publisher: Lakewater Press
  • No. of pages: 230
  • Publication date: 2nd March 2017
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime, Action

My Review (5 out of 5)

Six months on from the exciting conclusion to Poor Boy Road, Jake Caldwell is trying to start a new career as a private investigator, mentored by ex-cop Logan. Having rekindled his relationship with old flame, Maggie, Jake’s soon up to his neck in trouble though. Thankfully, he can count on the support of his old buddy Bear, Sheriff of Benton County. Jake’s moved on in his life, has a positive future in prospect so now he’s got much more to protect – and he’ll fight for it, make no mistake.

Ares Road is as fast-paced and action-packed as Poor Boy Road (read my review here). It’s a thrilling mix of seedy clubs, hired heavies, retribution, mobsters, treachery, shoot-outs, corruption, fist-fights, conspiracy, fast-food and too much coffee.  I especially loved that we get to eavesdrop again on the wise-cracking but heartfelt relationship between Jake and Bear. For the perfect accompaniment to the book, click here for James L. Weaver’s Ares Road playlist.

I love this series as much as Bear loves bacon. Hurry up, James, and write the next one.

I received a review copy courtesy of publishers, Lakewater Press, in return for an honest review.

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In three words: Action-packed, compelling, intrigue

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jamesAbout the Author

James L. Weaver is the Kansas City author of the Jake Caldwell series featuring IAN Thriller of the Year finalist Poor Boy Road and recently released Ares Road from Lakewater Press. He makes his home in Olathe, Kansas with his wife of 19 years and two children. His previous publishing credits include a six part story called “The Nuts” and his 5-star rated debut novel Jack & Diane. Author note: a handful of the raters are actually not related to him.

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