Book Blitz: Ares Road by James L. Weaver


I’m thrilled to be part of the release blitz for Ares Road by James L. Weaver, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the fantastic Poor Boy Road.  You can read an extract below.  And there’s a fantastic giveaway with a chance to win some great prizes.

ares-road-2About the Book

Title: Ares Road (Jake Caldwell, #2) by James L. Weaver
Published by: Lakewater Press
Publication date: 2nd March 2017
Genre: Adult, Thriller


With his days as a mob enforcer behind him, Jake Caldwell’s trying to go straight.

But it seems his past won’t let him go.

His first job working as a private investigator turns up a teenage girl screaming down a dead man’s cell phone, and Logan, his mentor and the only man with answers, beaten into a coma.

Now Jake’s taking it personally.

The only clues Jake has to unravel the mystery are a Russian with a stolen, silver briefcase and three names: Snell, Parley and Ares. Teaming up with his best friend Bear, the Sheriff of his home town, and an attractive FBI agent, Jake quickly discovers they’re not the only ones looking for the briefcase and its deadly contents.

It’s no longer about seeking revenge.

The thrilling second book in the Jake Caldwell series is a heart-stopping ride that won’t disappoint fans.



As if on cue, a couple of dickheads, one white and one black, both gaunt and dressed in dirty jeans and t-shirts, crept along the cracked sidewalk toward Jake’s truck from the west. Jake watched them in his peripheral vision, sliding his Glock close to his leg. The black guy had a hitch in his step, dragging his left foot behind him, but his head on a swivel checking their surroundings. The white one approached Jake’s window, jeans hanging low with a snatch of boxers crumpled in the back, and leaned in. A blind barber must have cut his uneven brown hair; his face was pockmarked and drawn against his skin. His goggle eyes were wide and tweaked, and he smelled as if it had been a week since his skin last kissed a bar of soap.

“Hey, man,” the guy said. “Can you spare a few bucks?”

Jake’s head leaned back against the headrest. He tilted it a few degrees and eyed the guy with as much steel as he could muster. “No. Go away.”

The guy’s pupils were the size of golf balls. “Maybe you didn’t hear me right.” He whipped out a switchblade and sprung the blade forth. The black guy lurched a few steps forward, head jerking back and forth looking for potential witnesses.

Jake didn’t move. The tweaker’s hand trembled, and he held the knife all wrong. Jake could instantly tell how worried he should be about someone by how they held their knife. This guy didn’t know shit. He might as well have been holding a crayon. “I heard you fine, friend. I’m telling you to go away.”

“I ain’t your friend. I’ll cut your ass up, take your money and your truck.”

“Do you know how many bones are in the human body?” Jake asked after a beat.

The guy’s face clouded. “Huh?”

Jake jerked his head off the rest, and the guy with the knife took a half step back. “Two hundred and six. I’ve probably broken every one of them on a hundred different people at one point or another. Tougher guys than a shithead like you. But, I’ve never broken all two hundred and six on one guy at one time. Now, I’ve had a really bad day, so do yourself a favor and put your little popsicle stick in your pocket, leave me alone, and you won’t have to spend the next six months in intensive care learning how to walk again.”

The blade wavered as the tweaker considered his options. The resolve in Jake’s eyes blazed, and the punk took another two steps back. His partner already staggered back the way they came. The switchblade disappeared, and the tweaker chased after his partner. Jake’s hand relaxed on the gun, and he resumed his watch on Logan’s apartment.

james About the Author

James L Weaver is the Kansas City author of the Jake Caldwell series featuring IAN Thriller of the Year finalist Poor Boy Road and soon to be released Ares Road from Lakewater Press. He makes his home in Olathe, Kansas with his wife of 19 years and two children. His previous publishing credits include a six part story called “The Nuts” and his 5-star rated debut novel Jack & Diane which is available on Author note: a handful of the raters are actually not related to him.

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