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My blog was recently added to the Book Blogger List managed by Barb Drozdowich and, as a result, Barb offered me the opportunity to download a free copy of her Book Blogger Survey.  Over 500 bloggers participated in the survey, carried out in 2015.  I found the results fascinating.  For instance, did you know?


 – 92% of bloggers are female (based on survey participants)

 – Most bloggers are based in the US or UK

 – Romance and YA are the most popular genres amongst bloggers

 – Many book bloggers have been blogging for more than 4 years (think of all that work!)

One of Barb’s objectives for doing the survey was to find out if there was any data to back up anecdotal evidence of bloggers being abused by authors.  Unfortunately, based on the survey, a significant number of bloggers had experienced this and some of their comments about their treatment make disturbing reading.    There is also a great section on bloggers’ thoughts on what authors could do to help bloggers help them to promote their books.  I think there’s a lot authors could learn from this section and from the survey overall.

I picked up some great tips from reading Barb’s book – for instance, making sure my review policy is clearly stated on my blog, encouraging authors to share my reviews via their own social media and not saying “yes” to every book review request! 

What came across most strongly, though, is the passion of the book blogging community for books, for sharing their love of books with others and for encouraging reading.   Highly recommended – to purchase from Amazon a copy click here.




10 thoughts on “Inside the minds of bloggers

  1. Very interesting insights – the demographic data definitely reflects what I’ve noticed. But how horrible that some authors are mistreating bloggers! Blogging has helped me connect with some truly lovely people and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything to harm those relationships.

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  2. Although I just rebooted my blog, I’ve been writing online for about 15 years, and would agree about the male/female ratio. If anything the disparity between male and female bloggers has got bigger over the years. I realised quite a long time ago that I’m something of a unicorn in blogging terms 🙂

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      1. I would believe that ~60% of readers could be female, but that doesn’t explain why the proportion of bloggers is quite so high. Maybe men are more into solitary reading (lower book club attendance also), or maybe they are less willing to put time into unpaid hobbies?


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