My secret diary…


  • OK, so you’ve committed the perfect murder, thought of every last detail to ensure you get away with it and then you WRITE IT ALL DOWN in a diary that you don’t destroy just hide somewhere it can be found…
  • Or, you write everything down in your diary just omit certain key facts…
  • …Such as you’re actually a man not a woman, you’re one of the other characters or you’re actually God or Death or some entity no-one will ever guess (the first time it’s done)
  • And that diary, it contains every last detail of every scene you were in including all your conversations with other characters – word perfect, naturally…
  • Plus it contains awful things about other characters (and they are precisely the people likely to find it)
  • What it doesn’t contain is what normal people’s diaries do such as “make doctor’s appointment” or “buy cat food”
  • And you’re supposed to be a teenager and we’re supposed to believe you actually kept a diary, actually picked up a pen and wrote on paper, rather than communicating via WhatsApp, text, etc.


Yes, authors really love diaries as a plot device don’t they?

Got any other diary-related examples? Is it possible to over-use a plot device? 


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