The Year Ahead in Books


Some of my exciting (to me, at least) book-related aspirations for 2017:

The Incredible Journey*

  • The Classics Club Challenge – I’ve committed to reading 50 classics between now and the end of 2018. You can find my list here. I’ve chosen to focus on women writers and the works of John Buchan (more about that below).
  • NetGalley Reading Challenge 2017 – I’ve set a goal to review 25 books this year. Yes, that means write the reviews not just request the books!
  • 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge – I’ve challenged myself to read 78 books this year (8 more than last year). The mathematical amongst you will have noticed that’s an average of 1.5 books per week.
  • From Page To Screen – This is a challenge I’ve set myself to read 11 books which have been adapted into films shown recently, or to be shown in the next few months at my local independent cinema, Reading Film Theatre.

The Wide Window*

  • This year I want to read more non-fiction. A couple of titles are included in my From Page to Screen Challenge.
  • It’s no secret that Thriller and Mystery are the most popular genres yet I read very few of these types of book. That’s something I want to change this year.

Circle of Friends*

  • As a newbie blogger, I want to develop my blog – such as organising my archive posts, posting at least 3 times per week, creating more discussion posts not just book reviews, creating a page devoted to John Buchan (see below)
  • I aim to increase my interaction with other book bloggers – search out more blogs and learn from the best of them about writing effective reviews, working with authors and other bloggers
  • I want to explore the world of tags and memes

Author, Author*

  • NetGalley is a recent discovery and I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing new titles. I’m excited to see how the books I have rated are received by other bloggers, critics and the reading public. Did I pick the winners?
  • John Buchan has been a favourite author for many years. However, he rather fell out of favour because some of his “shockers” (the term he used to describe books such as The 39 Steps) were felt, at best, to display outdated views and, at worst, to have racist or misogynistic undertones. Thankfully, Buchan is now getting the literary attention he deserves as people realise his output was much more than his “shockers” – biographies, poetry, journalism, historical fiction – and worthy of critical attention. I would like to do my bit to rehabilitate his reputation so I’ve included ten of his novels in my Classics Club Challenge list and hopefully my reviews will convince people to look at his work afresh.

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months but already I’m aware how much gratitude I owe to the support of other bloggers. So if you have followed my blog, commented on a post, responded to one of my comments on your blog, read one of my reviews or retweeted what I’ve posted – THANK YOU!

*Name the authors to win… nothing (except a sense of satisfaction that you are either incredibly well-read or know how to search on Goodreads or Google)


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  1. What great goals! Ha! Yes, the requesting from NetGalley is the easy bit, isn’t it? But it’s so great to have access to all the new publications. Looking forward to your Classics Club and Film Challenge reviews – and to seeing if you can persuade me to read a bit more John Buchan… 🙂


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