This time last year…


This time last year…

  • I didn’t know what ARC meant. Some kind of mathematical concept? What Indiana Jones went in search of? Now I know it’s a chance to read and review wonderful books before they’re published
  • I’d never heard of NetGalley and the last badge I got was in the Brownies – now I have three! I know, the rest of you already have loads, but it’s tickled me
  • I had few followers on Twitter and one of those was my sister! Now I have – well, not that many still – but I’ve discovered what a great way it is to connect with other bloggers, readers and publishers
  • I’d never written a blog or thought it was the kind of thing I could do and here I am, posting away
  • I didn’t know my widget from my plugin and, although I’m only in the reception class when it comes to WordPress, I have a working blog!
  • I’d never heard of a blog tour and would have thought – how can that work?
  • I didn’t realise what a massive book blogging community was out there, full of passionate readers who love to share reviews and recommendations
  • I was stuck in a rut of my preferred genre – historical fiction. Now through ARCs, other bloggers’ reviews and recommendations, I’m reading all kinds of books and finding new authors to love
  • I didn’t think I’d have read 65 (and counting) books and would be anticipating increasing that figure in 2017

What book-related achievement has given you most pride or pleasure in 2016?

3 thoughts on “This time last year…

  1. I love this list, it made me chuckle! That’s because I am the exact same. I remember reading about ARC and had no idea what it was or that you could actually get an ADVANCED copy of a book?? What?! I was in heaven when I discovered it. Cute post. 🙂


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